Use as a USB drive, Windows RAM is not hard work, easy as saying the word easy. Just read this tutorial and at the end you have all the knowledge to do so.
This method consists of having an uninfected USB key, no error and enough free space, minimum 512 MB of space (some USB key are not to be used as RAM, if that's the case your key try to look for another key)

Here are the steps to follow:

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To do recovering data on the hard drive, you must make some relatively basic steps.
We will take the example of a file that contains information you want to transmit a corresponding ticket by email. The main messaging software, like Yahoo, sympathico, G-mail, Hotmail...

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Many friends had problems for USB sticks. as USB write protection or USB key not to format.

For a long time we tried to find solutions to repair. Some USB are repaired and after repair work fine, but some key USB write protection or other USB not possible to format are no longer the means to live ...

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How to format a USB RAW, in Windows

You try to format your USB Drive but formatting blocking at the end and said that Windows can not format the volume. Try to format with another format like in the FAT Disk Manager on the Windows administration tool.

To open the Disk Manager: run the command "diskmgmt.msc" or right click on computer (workstation for Windows XP) and choose Manage and when the list of disks is displayed. Select the removable disk that you are trying to save, then make right click on top then create a new partition and format it with the FAT or FAT32 file system.

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The BIOS ("Basic Input / Output System" translate "elementary Management System I / O") is an essential component of the computer, allowing the control of the materials. This is a small software which a part is in ROM (read only memory, that is to say, a memory that can not be changed), and another part is in an EEPROM (changeable memory Pulse electric, hence the term flash to designate the action to change the EEPROM).

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